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Welcome to Download Crypto Currencies Data project

This is the documentation of dccd package, package to download crypto-currencies data from Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, GDax (Coinbase), Kraken and Poloniex.


From pip:
$ pip install dccd
From source:

$ git clone

$ cd Download_Crypto_Currencies_Data

$ python install –user


The dccd package allow you two main methods to download data. The first one is recommended to download data at high frequency (minutely or tick by tick), and the second one is recommended to download data at a lower frequency (hourly or daily):

  • Continuous Downloader dccd.continuous_dl:
    Download and update continuously data (orderbook, trades tick by tick, ohlc, etc) and save it in a database. Currently only support Bitfinex and Bitmex exchanges.
  • Historical Downloader dccd.histo_dl:
    Download historical data (ohlc, trades, etc.) and save it. Currently only support Binance, GDax, Kraken and Poloniex exchanges.